Thor Ragnarok Review


The third movie in the Thor franchise is one of the funniest MCU movies to date.(SPOILERS AHEAD) Thor Ragnarok is about Thor trying to prevent Ragnarok or the end of all gods. Along the way Thor finds Hulk, his dad, and the last of the Valkyries.

This film (unlike the other marvel films) is a comedy, Marvel is no stranger to having comedy in their films but this is one of the first to be primarily a comedy. Most people say that the comedy is well done but can interrupt some of the emotional scenes, to a certain extent I agree but most of the comedy hits. In my opinion the best comedy comes from Jeff Goldblum’s performance, he plays the Grandmaster. Grandmaster thinks so highly of himself, he’s got this charming narcissism that really lights up the movie. All the other characters were also very humorous but I just thought Goldblum did the best.

One issue I had in the film was the overabundance of character arks. Executioner has an ark, Hulk has an ark, Loki has an ark, and Valkyrie has one. Executioner’s ark is he doesn’t want to kill people, this ark later gets a phoned in conclusion. Hulk and Bruce Banner’s ark is that if he “Hulks out” again, we might not EVER see Bruce Banner again, this also gets a phoned in ending. It’s the same for every character except for Thor! It felt like someone wrote a bunch of really interesting arks and someone just compacted it all into like fifteen minutes. Overall the characters were very likeable, even though some of them were under developed. Our villain is Hela, the Goddess of Death. She manages to be very frightening and charming. They mention that she is the first child of Odin and then they never mention it again. I liked Hela, just wish they talked about her relation to Thor and Odin.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that Marvel movies are becoming like a nephew you see a couple of times a year and every time you see him, he’s learned a new word. At the beginning of the year with Vol. 2 he learned “Dick”, at Homecoming he learned “Porn”, and now in Ragnarok he learned “Orgy”! This year Marvel’s gotten really dirty and I like how they’re giving there writers more freedom but I think it could narrow there audience, but what do I know, maybe this is the right move.

I really enjoyed the message of the film. It was a way of saying we shouldn’t focus on material things and instead, show us how the people around us matter more than anything. Overall I enjoyed the film and would go as far as saying it’s the best Thor movie yet!

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