Justice League Review

,.jpg Justice League, is it over or underrated? (SPOILERS AHEAD)Justice League is the story of Batman and Wonder Woman assembling the Justice League, to stop the evil SteppenWolf from collecting the mother boxes to give birth to the Unity. It’s a very cliché alien invasion plot, that most people are tired of. This film does nothing new with the cliché but it doesn’t do anything wrong with it. I feel the DCEU would be better if they built up this movie more, here’s how they’d do it. Start by replacing the Krypton key thing in Man of Steel with a Kryptonian mother box, and have Zod warn Superman that Darkseid is looking for it, and have Superman say something witty like “Then I’ll be waiting for him” and he smirks. In BvS have Luthor’s plan be to find the mother boxes because Darkseid is threatening him, knowing he’s one of the smartest minds on earth and Batman and Superman get it the way of that. Then have him make Doomsday as a weapon to defeat Darkseid but it turns on him and everything else in that movie goes normally. Then in Suicide Squad have Enchantress steal the Earth mother box from Cyborg’s dad (After Cyborg was in the accident and reappeared by it) and have that be the thing Enchantress needs for her world domination plan, have it end up with Waller and then During the end credits have Batman steal it knowing Luthor was looking for it. At the beginning of Justice League have Darkseid talking to Steppenwolf. With Darkseid saying that Luthor had failed him and it’s up to him, and he goes Darth Vader and says “Don’t fail me again, Steppenwolf!”. After this do the opening credits and they go normally. In Justice League have the main focus be the Amazon mother box.

The characters make this a really fun movie, mainly the League. Ben Affleck is back as Batman (for now) and a lot of people think he’s changed majorly as a character, but I just think the change comes from his guilt. Now a lot of the jokes most characters make you can tell are Wheaton’s doing, so I don’t know if Batman was this funny in the Snyder cut but overall I liked most of his jokes. Gal Gadot is still amazing as Wonder Woman, we see a romance bloom between Batman and Wonder Woman and I really like them together. As I said earlier almost every character in this movie makes a joke so nothing there. Superman is in this movie and he feels like Superman. He’s nicer, he smiles, he saves people, and he makes quips. The only issue I and many others have with Superman is he doesn’t have much of an arch, when I feel it could’ve been really easy to have one. Lois Lane should’ve been a bigger character in the film and that ties in the whole “Superman not having an arch” thing. Lois Lane can dream about Clark and their wedding, then have the movie end with the wedding, the rest of the League is their, Clark’s Mom is their. Ezra Miller’s Flash was the Character I was most worried about because I was afraid he was just going to rip off Grant Gustin, but he was delightfully different, Although out of all the characters The Flash made the most jokes, some funny, some “meh”. He’s one of those characters I really wondered how much he changed from Snyder to Wheaton. Ray Fisher as Cyborg was very interesting to me. He played the role of the tortured soul, and people complained he had no character. I disagreed, he felt like a very complex person, I do feel he needed more screen time. Aquaman  really needed more screen time, Aquaman is a very underrated character in the comics and I feel he was well represented in this movie, and I’m excited to see him in his own movie, and Steppenwolf is awful and he has no motive (in the movie), when he had the opportunity to be a really cool villain but it was wasted.

Although the movie’s plot is weak, and we all desperately want a Snyder cut, the characters are the best part of the film and I look forward to seeing were the DCEU goes next. Overall, Justice League is worth seeing just for the Justice League themselves.

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