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Here We Go Again: A Review of The New 52: Future’s End

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This title which will run monthly for the next eleven months first came to my attention a week or two ago when an issue #0 was put out for Free Comic Book Day. Now that I have read the first issue, I am going to call it, “The place DC sends canceled characters” Once I get into the story you will see what I mean.


*Post contains spoilers*

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Wrath of Strife: A review of Wonder Woman #25

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Following the death of War, Olympus and the gods are in flux. While Wonder Woman does not want to take on the mantle of War, Apollo starts to think a world without war might be a good idea. But some other gods are not so sure. Strife seems to be the only one mourning her brother and plans to take the mantle of War herself. Back on Earth our band of heroes finally feel they can sit back and relax for a moment. But there is no rest for the wicked.



Post contains spoilers!

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Family mattes: A review of Wonder Woman #14

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New power that is very old has awoken in Antarctica. Apollo has rebuilt Olympus and worries which child of Zeus will dethrone him. Wonder Woman seeks the help of her sister to find Zola’s child. Plus some other kind of power is watching the world and is very worried. You know things are bad when the gods start to worry.

Post contains spoilers

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Family Fued on Olympus! A review of Wonder Woman #12

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You think your family fights and has their own plots? Think everyone is out to get you? Do you have like 20 different half siblings? Well Wonder Woman does and Family reunions are a disaster. No really, earth quakes and stuff happen.

Post contains spoilers

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Stormwatch should have ended here: A review of Red Lanterns #10

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Now Stormwatch is one of the New 52 titles that I just don’t care about. And I will never forgive DC for tricking me into reading it the other week when a red lantern showed up for one fight. But in this issue I got my revenge! Justice was served  and Atrocitus heard my prayers. So Stormwatch can try to be cool for as long as they want but I just hope they do not forget the day that Atrocitus and his cat came to fight!

Post contains spoilers

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