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Review of Red Hood and the Outlaws #17

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“He didn’t make you. I never did either. You made You.”

***Contains Spoilers***

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Review of Red Hood and the Outlaws #14

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“You were good once, Red Hood–I even remember one particular time when you saved my life.”

***Contains Spoilers***

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Review of Red Hood and the Outlaws #12

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“I’ll be your best friend.”
“Unfortunatley you already are.”

Now if you go back and read my early reviews of Red Hood you will see that I was not a big fan in the beginning. Issues like this one are changing my mind.

***Contains Spoilers***

This issue continues Roy’s account of how he got to be a prisoner of the Blight. If you recall, the Starfire had defeated the Blight fleet around Tammaran, but was heaviy damaged. I mean heavily. They were barely functional. Roy tries to cheer Kori up by, well by being Roy. She appreciates his efforts, but she is in full warrior princess mode. Her first mate cautions her about getting close to the humans, emotionally. Kori admits that she is as surprised as anyone at the depths of her feeling towards Roy and Jason, especially Roy. Jason also explains to Isabel that while he is keeping his cool that this sort of thing is NOT in the norm for him. He is after all more of a street fighting vigilante as opposed to a space travelng super hero.

Apparently watching Star Trek pays off as Roy has the idea to “override the tachyon field containment in the ships core”(his exact words) to power the ships failing life support systems. And it works. WHich is great, now they can keep breathing, but the shields are still down and the Blight teleport aboard in an attempt to capture Kori. Roy jumps in the way and gets teleported to the Blight mothership(one of the few ships to survive).

So, now we know how Roy ended up as a prisoner. We also learn that Komad’r(Kori’s older sister and Queen) is working with the Blight only because she sort of has too. This is when Roy carries out his true mission, by grabbing Komand’r and teleporting back to the Starfire. It turns out his getting captured was all part of the plan to rescue her. They implanted a teleportation device in his arm. They then set a course closer to the mother ship, that way they can’t fire on them with out hurting their own ship.

Kori and her sister have a teary talk, where Komand’r apologizes for all she has put her sister through, but Kori reminds her that she still loves her and does not hold any of it against her. Jason tries to break through Roy;s jokes and let him know that it is o.k. to feel something real once in awhile. I was a little surprised to hear this from Jason of all people. Maybe spending time with Isabel and fighting on an alien spaceship across the galaxy has given him a little perspective? Roy brushes it off, reminding Jason of the darkness in his past. The royal sisters insist n going to free their people alone, asking that they be avenged if they fail to return.

We also see the leader of the Blight gloating over how easy it is to conquer planets. He also questions a human, referred to only as Colonel. Apparently the Colonel went to Tarmaran to look for something called the Thirteen. The leader of the Blight insists that they are only a myth(I guess he’s never read Game of Thrones) and that if they did exist that the omniverse would perish.

This was a pretty good issue. The art was excellent and we only had one frame of flashback(no issue of Red Hood is complete without a flashback). We have to wait two months to find out if Kori and her sister are successful or not, because next month is issue #0 and we are being promised the origin of Jason Todd. I am excited about this because it could(hopefully) have big impact on the timeline and the “Robin Issue”. Based on the number of views I get on the “Problem with Robin” post many of you are just as curious as I am. I did not like Lobdell’s writing in the first few issues, but I really do think it is coming along nicely. I find myself actually looking forward to the next issue to find out what happens next.

Review of Red Hood and the Outlaws #11

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“Kori, I don’t know the person you were before we met. But I know the person you were always supposed to be.”

***Contains Spoilers***

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