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Here We Go Again: A Review of The New 52: Future’s End

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This title which will run monthly for the next eleven months first came to my attention a week or two ago when an issue #0 was put out for Free Comic Book Day. Now that I have read the first issue, I am going to call it, “The place DC sends canceled characters” Once I get into the story you will see what I mean.


*Post contains spoilers*

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Wave Three incoming!

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Now some of you might have heard the news about issue #0 before today. Basically a little bit ago DC talked about putting out #0 for all there titles this September to try to fill in some of the gaps of the New 52. Now that its self is fantastic. I know I have a lot of questions and I am sure others who read different titles want answers to. But right now I am more worried about what happens after #0 and the third wave comes along.

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