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Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

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Yes, I’m back.

“This is not going to go the way you think!

I’ll start off this by saying that I thought that this movie was good, but not great. I saw the movie twice and I have discussed it with a few close friends and read a couple of reviews. One thing I will say that I think a lot of fans need to keep in mind is that no one, not J.J. Abrams, nor Rian Johnson, not George Lucas, not me, not you, could make a Star Wars movie that would satisfy everyone. My proof? Some things that some people hated, others loved. Some people’s favorite scenes were someone else’s least favorite. I mean, Star Wars has a huge fan base and a rich, in depth backstory. You can’t please everyone. There, that is the spoiler free version of my opinion.  Now, onto the spoilers.



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IT Review

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I don’t watch a lot of horror movies but IT is an amazing film. I find the art of horror movie reboots very interesting. It can show the differences between what sacred one generation and what scares another. ,

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Web slinging never looked better: A review of the Amazing Spider-Man

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So this past Tuesday? the Amazing Spider-Man hit theaters. Now I had originally planned to see it at midnight but as time goes on I lose track of what day of the week it is. In fact the only way I know what day it is because of Wednesdays and new comics. But enough about me, lets talk Spider-Man.

Post contains spoilers

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Review of The Amazing Spider-Man the movie

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I took the boys to see the Amazing Spider-Man movie today. I decided to include their thoughts on the movie.

(The video is by Screen Team)

***Reviews Contain Spoilers***

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Making a good thing into a better thing

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Now, if you read Drew’s new year post then you already know a lot of new things are coming to Murtha Reviews this year. (I just remembered that is was 2012 today) But I went to take this time to tell you how I am going to be adding to this.

Now we have seen a start to these new reviews in the end of 2011 and the start of 2012 with my video game reviews and Drew’s reviews of the New Jedi Order books. But I am here to tell you there is more. Yes it gets better. As of today, I will writing about Marvel Comics and trying to find other titles from other groups to write about.

Murtha Review’s started as an idea from our Sister Liz, who takes pictures or something like that, for Drew and I to write about the New 52. It quickly became something more. So while I wait for my first set of Marvel comics to finish downloading I am here telling you that big things are coming! Whether it is more TV reviews, movies, video games, or comics.

So keep your eyes open boys and girls. And spread the good word.

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