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Here We Go Again: A Review of The New 52: Future’s End

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This title which will run monthly for the next eleven months first came to my attention a week or two ago when an issue #0 was put out for Free Comic Book Day. Now that I have read the first issue, I am going to call it, “The place DC sends canceled characters” Once I get into the story you will see what I mean.


*Post contains spoilers*

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The End But Not Really: A Review of Teen Titans #30

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Teen Titans has come to an end! Well sort of. It may be going away but it already planned on coming back in July with a new #1. This isn’t the ending I wanted for this run but I can’t say that I am shocked.


*Posts contains spoilers*

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Living Legends: A Review of Aquaman #30

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I feel a lot of people forget that Aquaman sometimes works in the realm of myths and legends. So DC brings out an ancient enemy of Atlantis alongside the long forgotten hero, Hercules!


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Wings of Truth: A Review of Birds of Prey #28

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The other day Karan came up to me and asked me if I read any of the Gothtopia books. I hadn’t so she explained it to me. At first I was like, “eh do we need this?” But after reading this issue it has my attention. Now I am going to say what everyone is thinking, “Does the Bat-Family really need another crossover?” The answer is no but DC is going to keep pumping them out so we might as well roll with it.



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Family comes together: A review of Animal Man #28

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Animal Man has been all over the place since the battle with the Rot ended. Not in a bad way either, it is just that his world has been rapidly changing. It is time for the Baker family to come back together. But it is unclear on how long this will last.



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War is Here! A review of Green Arrow #28

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Are you sick of me talking about tv shows? Do you miss me talking about comics? I miss me talking about comics. Time for some Green Arrow. I figured since I started watching Arrow I would start my comic week with a little bit of Green Arrow. The Outsiders are about to go to war! Oliver has been used as a puppet and he is not happy about it!


*Post contains spoilers*

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Wrath of Strife: A review of Wonder Woman #25

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Following the death of War, Olympus and the gods are in flux. While Wonder Woman does not want to take on the mantle of War, Apollo starts to think a world without war might be a good idea. But some other gods are not so sure. Strife seems to be the only one mourning her brother and plans to take the mantle of War herself. Back on Earth our band of heroes finally feel they can sit back and relax for a moment. But there is no rest for the wicked.



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