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Review of Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #1

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“I don’t need to remind you of what I always say, that we must avoid changing or rewriting the past.”
“You do always say that, but I am still not completely convinced and it seems like we often end up changing things anyway.”

***Contains Spoilers***

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Return of Doctor Who: A review of Doctor Who Season 7, Episode 1

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The day has finally come! It has been a long wait since the Christmas special but the Doctor is finally back with brand new adventures to break your heart. Now in the past few months we have been getting clues on where these next five episodes will take us. Sadly it is not a happy place, but we must carry on.

The Doctor is back with a brand new adventure, The Asylum of the Daleks!

Post contains spoilers

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Review of Star Trek TNG/ Doctor Who

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I know this came out two weeks ago, sorry,but I feel I must review it. I will be more prompt with the next issue.

“Those aren’t Borg.”

***Contains Spoilers***

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