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Lizards, Lizards everywhere! A review of Amazing Spider-Man #690

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Some really cool stuff has been happening in Amazing Spider-Man lately(Sadly I haven’t had a chance to review it) But I am back this week to let you know what Spider-Man is dealing with. Vampires and Lizards. He is dealing with Vampires and Lizards..I couldn’t wait to tell you.

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Web slinging never looked better: A review of the Amazing Spider-Man

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So this past Tuesday? the Amazing Spider-Man hit theaters. Now I had originally planned to see it at midnight but as time goes on I lose track of what day of the week it is. In fact the only way I know what day it is because of Wednesdays and new comics. But enough about me, lets talk Spider-Man.

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Review of The Amazing Spider-Man the movie

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I took the boys to see the Amazing Spider-Man movie today. I decided to include their thoughts on the movie.

(The video is by Screen Team)

***Reviews Contain Spoilers***

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Who has the funk? I have the funk!

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Well you might have noticed a lack of Marvel reviews this week. There is a very simple reason for that. I just couldn’t bring myself to write. Why did this happen? who knows. Am I going to be reviewing this week? you bet your sweet ass I am.

So I just thought I would stop by and let you know what I will be reviewing this week. Plus if I get around to it, some reviews I have missed.

(Picture from Uncanny X-Force #26) Continue reading for upcoming reviews

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Still alive: What is going on and what is happening now

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Because this is now now, and that was then. The real question is when will then be now?

But in all honesty, I needed a week off. Mostly to play games and catch up on shows. Also did a bit of drinking, maybe more than I should have but life is short. Also week #5 always bums me out, not a lot of titles come out so I am always running around trying to find something to review.

I just wanted to come in, say hi, and give you some info on stuff I did read from this past week and things that will be happening next this week. It is a new month and I am so very ready to write about it. (And I am sure Drew and Karan are as well).

*Picture is not my work

Post contains spoilers and titles for next week

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Space sucks, I am staying home. A review of Amazing Spider-Man #681

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Col. John Jameson, The Human Torch, and Spider-Man are in space and having a super crappy day. Hopefully things turn around soon. Or they might die! Who knows!

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Spider-Man in SPACE! A review of The Amazing Spider-Man #280

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That is right, Spider-Man in SPACE…SPACE….SPACE..(That is an echo..)

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