About murthareviews

My name is Andrew Murtha, my brother James (skychaserr), my sister Karen (karenseraph), my son Explosive Kamel, and I use this blog to voice our opinions, primarily on comic books, but that doesn’t stop us from writing reviews(or going off on a rant in some cases) about t.v. shows, books, movies, anything reallly.

I am 38 years old and married to a wonderful woman who shares many of my nerdy interests. I am also a proud father of three boys and a girl who are already big comic book and video games fans.

I am a former Soldier of the United States Army and that is where this site began. It started as a way to talk to my brother about the New 52, which was just starting at the time. It grew, until we all lost our way for a time, now Kamel and I are attempting to rekindle the flame.

I have been reading comics for over 20 years, mostly DC, I read a little Marvel(X-men, Spider-man mostly) when I was younger, and Image when it first started, but I lost interest in those titles.  My all time faves are Batman, Green Lantern (I like John and Guy, but prefer Hal or Kyle), JLA (the big 7) and JSA (I await their return).  I am a huge Star Wars fan and have read over 100 SW novels(I say that with pride).

Anything else you want to know you can ask.

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