New 52 Timeline

Last edited 14 July 2012

This timeline is put together from the issues of the “New 52” that Karen, James and I have read(over 200 issues). If there is something that I missed, or something you think is wrong let us know.

-Beginning of the Universe.

-The Guardians of Oa create the Manhunters before creating the Green Lantern Corps.

1888 Bruce Wayne’s great, great-grandfather, Alan Wayne constructs the original Wayne Tower.

1922 Alan Wayne dies.

>10 YBR
-Martha Wayne gives birth to Thomas Wayne Jr, Bruce is 3 years old.(Batman #10)
-Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul have a romantic relationship.

10 YBR
Damian Wayne is born, he was gestated in an artificial womb.

>6 YBR(Years Before Relaunch)
-General Lane oversees the “Steel Soldier” program. At some point he gets assistance from Lex Luthor (Action Comics #2)
-Victor Stone’s father studies super humans for STARLabs. (Justice League #2)
-Damian Wayne is born and trained as an assassin by his mother, Talia Al Ghul.(Batman and Robin #2)
-Bruce Wayne trains with six teachers, including Henri Ducard, before becoming Batman.(Batman and Robin #4)

-Joker begins murdering people in Gotham City(Detective Comics #1)
-Talia Al Ghul has already begun training Damian to be an assassin.

>5 YBR
-Green Lantern and Flash meet and save Central City from a “talking gorilla”(Justice League #2)
-Reporter Lois Lane dubs Clark Kent “Superman” (Action Comics #1)
-Superman appears in Metropolis six months prior to events of Action Comics #1 (Action Comics #1)
-Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, the Flash, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman make their public debut as super heroes. Details of their debuts have not been revealed.(Justice League #1)

-Authorities are hostile towards super heroes.(Justice League #1)
-Green Lantern meets Batman for the first time(Justice League #1)
-Green Lantern and Batman meet Superman for the first time(Justice League #1)
-Green Lantern, Batman, Superman, and Flash meet Wonder Woman and Aquaman for the first time.(Justice League #3)
-Dick Grayson is with Haley’s Circus(Nightwing #3)
-Darksied’s minions invade Earth, led by Steppenwolf. Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Robin and Supergirl fight the invasion.(Earth 2 #1)
-Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman die defeating the forces of Darksied. Robin and Supergirl get transported to Earth 1.(Earth 2 #1)
-Helena illegally transfers money from accounts of Bruce Wayne of Earth 1 to help her and Kara start a new life.(Worlds Finest #1-3)

>3 YBR
-Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson meet and work with Batman(Batgril #3)

-Barbara Gordon is shot, by Joker, and paralyzed from the waist down.(Batgirl #1)
-Animal Man makes his superhero debut. (Animal Man #1)

-Power Girl is funding and science projects that may result in finding a way back to Earth 2. She Targets Michael Holt.
>1.5 YBR
-Dick Grayson was Robin, and later became Nightwing.
-As Nightwing, Dick worked with other young heroes(Roy, Kori, and others).
-Dick and Kori have a romantic relationship.
-Jason Todd becomes Robin.
-Jason is beaten to death by the Joker.

1.5 YBR
-After being placed in the Lazarus Pit, Jason Todd is taken to the All Caste by Talia Al Ghul.(Red Hood and the Outlaws #2)
-Tim Drake has already become the new Robin.

>1 YBR
-Talia gives Damian to Bruce and takes over(by force) her father’s organization.(Batman INC #2)

-Dick Grayson assumes the mantle of Batman.(Nightwing #1)
-Bruce Wayne is “not around”(Batman and Robin #1, Nightwing #1)
-Dawn becomes Dove and begins working with Hawk.

<1 YBR
-Barbara Gordon has miraculous recovery, resumes activities as Batgirl.(Batgirl #1)
-Green Lantern War. Hal is kicked out, Sinestro is reinstated.(Green Lantern #1) Hal killed Krona (Red Lanterns #1).
-Alec Holland comes back to life.(Swamp Thing #1) The way he describes it is different from how it occurred in Brightest Day.
-Bruce Wayne begins “Batman INC”, setting up different bat-themed crime fighters around the world(Batwing #1, Batman and Robin #1 &2)
-Bart appears as Kid Flash

“Current Time”
-Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch become Firestorms(The Fury of Firestorm #1)
-Supergirl arrives on Earth(Supergirl #1)
-United Nations recruit superheroes for Justice League International.(Justice League International #1)
-Barry Allen has worked for Central City Police Department for at least 2 years.(The Flash #1)
-Lois Lane gets promoted to Executive V.P. of New Media, she was formerly an anchor for G.B.S. and a correspondent for the Daily Planet.(Superman #1)
-Black Canary forms the Birds of Prey team. The team consists of herself, Starling, Katana, and Poison Ivy. It is not said if this is the first incarnation of the team or not.(Birds of Prey #2)
-The Culling. Teen Titans and Legion Lost fight Harvest and the Ravagers. Legionaries go back to the future. Artemis is killed. Caitlyn Fairchild forms ne Ravagers team. Superboy joins the Teen Titans.(Culling crossover)
-Night of Owls. The Court of Owls attempt to assassinate influential Gotham citizens in an attempt to control the city. Batman calls on the Bat Family to fight back. All but one Talons are killed or captured. Most of the Court is killed. Lincoln Marsh is revealed to be Bruce Wayne’s younger brother.(Night of Owls crossover)

-Mercury passes his powers onto Jay Garrick, making him the Flash.(Earth 2 #1)
-Alan Scott takes on the power of the Earth and becomes Green Lantern.(Earth 2 #3)
-Michael Holt is transported to Earth 2(Earth 2 #3)

Unknown dates

Bat Family

Kate Kane becomes Batwoman.

Dick Grayson
-was Robin(Batman #1)
-became Nightwing(Batman #1)
-romantically involved with Starfire(Red Hood and the Outlaws #1) and Barbara Gordon (Batgirl #3)
-Assumed the role of Batman in Bruce Wayne’s absence.(Nightwing #1)

Jason Todd
-was Robin(Red Hood and the Outlaws #2)
-Killed by the Joker(Red Hood and the Outlaws #2)
-Jason trained with Batman for years.(Red Hood and the Outlaws #2)

Tim Drake
-was Robin(Batman #1)
-became Red Robin(Batman #1)
-Member of Teen Titans(Batman #1)

-Bruce was “gone for a time”, it is unconfirmed if he was “killed” by Darksied or not.(Batman and Robin #1 and Nightwing #1)

Other Heroes

-Atlanteans attempt assassination of Aquaman when he is 13 years old.(Aquaman #2)
-He later becomes Leader of Atlantis for a period of time before deciding to live on the surface with Mera.(Aquaman #2)
-Marine biologist, Stephen Shin helps Arthur learn to use his powers.(Aquaman #3)

Dr Martin Stein talks to kids on the internet, disappeared for a year before contacting select individuals he entrusted with magnetic bottles.( The Fury of Firestorm #2)

Voodoo comes to Earth on a mission to save her people, an unknown alien race.(Voodoo #2)

Roy Harper was a idekick to Green Arrow(Red Hood and the Outlaws #1, #3).

Group existed consisting of Dick Grayson, Garth, Dustin, Lilith, Gar, and Kori a.k.a. Nightwing, Tempest, Vox, Omen, Beastboy and Starfire.(Red Hood and the Outlaws #1)

Group called N.O.W.H.E.R.E. creates and releases Superboy, while at the same time attacking teen heroes. Red Robin begins forming the Teen Titans.(Superboy #1, Teen Titans #1)

Justice League
-Martian Manhunter and Green Arrow are/were members(active or reserve?) at some point (Justice League International #1, Stormwatch #1)

Blackest Night and Brightest Day seem to have happened, but when you examine everything they could not have. At least not in the same way.
-We have the various Corps of the emotional spectrum, Alec Holland’s resurrection, and Dove and Deadman’s romance; but at no time do they mention Blackest Night or Brightest Day.
-Firestorm has been completely reset, so all of his actions in BN and BD could not have happened.

Green Lanterns
-Emerald Twilight seems to have happened. All we see is Oa in ruins and Ganthet, as the last Guardian, makes one final ring and gives it to Kyle.(Green Lanterns: New Guardians #1)
-At some point after Emerald Twilight the Green Lantern Corps is reformed. It is unknown if John Stewart and Guy Gardner were members before or not.

2 Responses to “New 52 Timeline”

  1. Patrick Lyons Says:

    One problem is that JLA #7 is set in current time (5 years after JLA 1-6 due to mention of the JLI), yet Hal is still GL, despite the fact that the only ring he has is Sinestro’s knockoff, and no power battery. His personality also hasn’t changed in the previous 5 years, and is different from that in the GL book.


  2. WolKing Says:

    With BN and BD, it is possible they still happened, but the story has changes, especially since the new 52 isn’t a total restart, and still a changed timeline. It could be possible that certain heroes weren’t active at that time, and thus certain events could not happen, e.g 1-3 of BN Superman would be majorly different due to a lack if Earth-2

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